About Quantum ISD

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: merge exceptional instructional design with cutting edge technology to create highly engaging, immersive training that stimulates the learner’s senses and increases retention.

Our Team

  • One of us holds a Masters in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University, a leading institution in the field.
  • Our content has been viewed by over 100,000 learners across several countries
  • One of us has a rabbit named Bernie.
  • All of us pride ourselves on our ability to create highly polished, visually engaging content; and do so in less time than others take to create less effective content.
  • One of us delivers seminars regularly at conferences and training events
  • One of us plays guitar, and still listens to 80’s metal. A lot.
  • Two of us come from a background in consumer electronics, and have worked with numerous well-known brands in that industry
  • All of us are carnivores…but most of us keep it within reason.
  • One of us was the author of a regular column on training for an industry publication
  • One of us met his spouse long before dating apps were invented; and did it the old-fashioned way…in a bar.
  • One of us competes in marathons
  • All of us are tech geeks, and love working with a variety of authoring tools and software.
  • One of us has a bucket list that incudes competing in the World Series of Poker.
  • All of us are incredibly passionate about our work. We love what we do, and aren’t satisfied until you do, too.

What makes us different?

Ever hear the saying “Quality, speed or cost…pick any two?” What separates us is our ability to deliver all three—vibrant, immersive content, developed in a reasonable timeframe, and at a cost you might find surprising.

We are on the leading edge of design and development, but also aim to provide the maximum level of value and ROI.