Immersive Learning

What Is It?

Immersive learning places learners in an interactive learning environment—including 360° virtual settings—to simulate various scenarios or to teach specific skills and concepts. When done properly, It delivers extraordinary learning experience, and garners measurable results.

Research shows that 360° interactive content garners a 100% attention rate
and is 5x more engaging than any other media.

The Barriers

The benefits of immersive learning are undeniable, but present challenges that create significant barriers to implementing these options—particularly in the case of virtual reality. Among the most common:



In a wide variety of cases, VR is available only through the creation of a custom-designed game or app, or a dedicated VR-enabled facility. These can present a broad array of challenges including logistics, cost, and many others.

Virtual Reality


To experience virtual environments, you typically must wear a VR headset. This presents a significant problem, as research indicates many people simply do not want to wear them; and given the option will choose not to participate if a headset is required.



Many virtual environments have the look and feel of a video game created with clever CGI. While this appeals to many participants (particularly younger generations), for many others the experience is foreign, and not terribly appealing. In simple terms, many participants aren’t “gamers” and aren’t interested in this type of experience.



Creating a customized, immersive environment—particularly in VR—can easily cost $50K-$100K or more, and thus prevents many organizations from pursuing this option despite the many benefits.

Our Solution: "Real Virtuality"

At Quantum ISD, we were determined to find a way to circumvent these obstacles by creating revolutionary immersive experiences that are amazingly real, easily deployable to a wide audience, can be viewed on any device (including VR headsets, if preferred), and most importantly, can be designed and developed cost effectively.

We use cutting edge tools to create fully customizable, interactive environments like look incredibly realistic—they are virtually indistinguishable from actual spaces like offices, warehouses, hospitals, residences, and many other environments.

360° Interactive Video Learning

Prefer to use 360° video to create immersive learning experiences? We are experts at designing highly interactive learning using 360° video and panoramic images, into which we can integrate motion graphics, 2D video, text, images and more.

The Best of Both Worlds

Why be forced to choose between immersive learning and more traditional design?
At Quantum, we can integrate immersive experiences into today’s popular authoring tools like Articulate Storyline; enabling you to benefit from all those tools have to offer, while taking your design to completely new level.

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